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Industrial Centrifugal Blowers

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Application  TemperatureNormal temperature AirHot Air

              Air composition  Clean airDusty airCorrosive gas

Combustible gasPowder materialsLight particle material


Working condition Airports, Atomic Plants, Carparks, Clean Room,Chemical Processing Industry,Private Housing and Utilities, Shopping Complexes, Tunnel Ventilation, Underground Facilities, Warehousing and Manufacturing, Kitchens, Transport


Performance      Impeller diameter 250~1000   mm

                Speed of mainshaft  350~5000   rpm

                Pressure range   100~2500   Pa

                Flow range  588~23530  CFM


Structure          Blade     Back Inclined

      Impeller Support  SWSI (Single Width, Single Inlet), Impeller overhung.

                 Drivetrain   Coupling drivetrain   Can assign

               Lubrication   Oil bath lubrication   Can assign

         Bearing cooling Air cooling or Circulating Water cooling

System  configuration  

           Motor  DEC,DASU,TECO Can assign

           Impeller    SECC   

      Impeller cone (Air Inlet)    SECC   

      Case  SECC   

      Air damper     cold rolled sheet     

      Main shaft      45# Steel   

      Bearing    ASAHI  

      Bearing housing    Aluminum   

      Foundation bolt    Galvanized Screw    

Optional components Inlet Collar,Inlet Flange,Inlet Vane Control, Drain,Inlet&Outlet Guards.Inspection Door,Outlet Damper,Shaft Seal


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Industrial Centrifugal Blowers